Al Gore’s fund releases EV, batteries and sustainability report using Benchmark Mineral Intelligence data

Al Gore’s fund, Generation Investment Management, has released a new report outlining the opportunities in sustainability trends such as electric vehicles (EVs), lithium ion batteries, and renewable energy.

The report uses Benchmark Mineral Intelligence data on lithium ion battery megafactories being built around the world and trading activities in Asia.

“The past few years has seen an explosion in sustainable business progresses,” Al Gore, Chairman of Generation Investment Management explained.

“This is creating a virtuous circle  of transformation that marks the beginning of the sustainability revolution,” he added.

The report marks the latest high profile organisation to use Benchmark‘s data in 2017 with other highlights including the US Senate, London Metal Exchange Week (keynote panel), and University of Oxford.

You can download the report for free here:

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WATCH: Al Gore on the sustainability revolution 

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