Benchmark Minerals and Bloomberg reach agreement to cite lithium prices

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Bloomberg to publish lithium prices on the company’s terminal platform.

The Bloomberg Terminal is the world’s leading system for industry professionals, primarily from the financial services sector, to analyse real time market data and commodity prices. Until now, this system has not cited any lithium market prices.

The prices that Bloomberg will display will enable more accurate reporting of prevailing lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide prices in the mainstream press and financial services industry.

Benchmark will continue to provide detailed price assessments of multiple grades, locations and shipping contracts together with industry analysis exclusively to its subscribers, which range from raw material miners to battery cell manufacturers and electric vehicle producers.

The deal is part of Benchmark‘s push to make our monthly price assessments more widely available around the world and adds to an agreement with Thomson Reuters in May.

This agreement reflects the Benchmark team’s hard work to create a more rigorous, specialised and focused price collection system for lithium ion battery raw materials.

Benchmark‘s lithium methodology has been designed specifically for the industry and is conducted by analysts that understand its specialised nature and travel to mine sites and plants around the world to meet the the main actors in the supply chain.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is the world’s most trusted source of price data and market intelligence for lithium ion battery raw materials. Benchmark publishes monthly price assessments of lithium, cobalt and graphite with a focus on the battery-grade derivative products.

For more information on Benchmark‘s Price Assessments or if you have any questions, contact us today on [email protected]

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