Benchmark Minerals launches new Lithium Price Index

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is delighted to announce that we have launched the new Benchmark Lithium Price Index, adding to our regularly published lithium industry reference price.

The new Benchmark Lithium Price Index will provide a comparison of the global weighted average price of the 10 lithium chemical grades published by Benchmark against a base month of January 2009.

The original Benchmark Lithium Price Index was launched in 2015 to provide an overview of the global trend in lithium chemical prices we publish on a monthly basis, weighted by the volumes traded in the market.

The new index uses an increased number of data points and allows for more frequent adjustments to the index weightings, making the index more receptive to market developments and providing greater detail on the prevailing trend in market prices.

More Detail: Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium Carbonate

After multiple requests from the lithium industry on both the sell and buy side of the supply chain, Benchmark will launch individual indices for lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide to provide a more detailed tool for contract negotiations.

Find out more: Benchmark Lithium Carbonate Index

Find out more: Benchmark Lithium Hydroxide Index

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is the world’s leading price reporting agency that specialises in the lithium ion battery supply chain.

Benchmark’s lithium prices have become the industry’s reference prices and are beginning to be used as formal benchmarks in contracts.

For a full explanation of our price collection process, please download: Benchmark Lithium Price Assessment Methodology

To watch Benchmark’s presentation to the London Metal Exchange on the use financial derivatives in the lithium market please click here.

For any other questions or to subscribe to Benchmark’s Lithium Price Assessments, please contact Andrew Miller, Senior Analyst: [email protected]

More on Benchmark Mineral Intelligence:

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is the world’s leading voice and most trusted provider of independent price assessments for the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle (EV) supply chain.

Benchmark is globally known for setting the lithium industry’s reference price which is relied upon to negotiate contracts between actors in the industry, including lithium extraction operators, cathode manufacturers, battery cell producers and automotive OEMs.

Benchmark’s Lithium Price Assessments and analysis is also relied upon by the financial community to aid critical investments into the lithium ion supply chain.

The Company also produces regular price assessments on cobalt chemicals, graphite anode and assesses lithium ion battery megafactory capacity build out.

The EV and battery cell supply chain is Benchmark’s sole focus and speciality.

In addition to, and wholly separate from, its Price Assessment Division, Benchmark provides long-term lithium forecasting and consultancy services.

Benchmark also hosts an industry gathering for the lithium ion supply chain in Q4 of each year, Benchmark Minerals Week. The week includes two leading industry conferences: Graphite & Anodes and Cathodes.

Benchmark’s price data, insight, and understanding of the lithium ion supply chain is unrivalled and culminated in being summoned to the US Senate to testify in 2017. In addition, Benchmark has been invited to give guest lectures at the University of Oxford and advise the UK Government.

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