Benchmark Minerals’ lithium presentation to London Metal Exchange – Download & watch now

As part of the London Metal Exchange’s (LME) bid to launch a lithium cash-settled contract, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has been shortlisted in the final three participants to provide an independent lithium market price.

Benchmark Minerals’ Andy Miller, Senior Analyst, and Simon Moores, Managing Director, were invited to LME Week 2018 to present:

Benchmark Lithium Index Pricing: A market development partnership for the successful introduction of an LME cash-settled lithium contract

You can watch Benchmark present at LME Week below and download a copy of our presentation here.

Simon Moores, Managing Director commented:

“Benchmark Mineral’s approach to the LME’s request for proposal was as much as being a partner as it is a price provider. As the world’s leading specialists in the lithium ion battery supply chain, we were most pleased to be able to present our vision for exchange traded lithium.

“If a successful lithium contract is going to be launched, we need to work with the lithium to electric vehicle supply chain. It is critical that the contract is developed with the active players in mind and not just for financial industry exposure to a surging market.”

Andy Miller, Senior Analyst, added:

“Benchmark’s lithium price assessments are already used as a reference for industry contracts and we have an unrivalled network of contacts and price providers after years of focusing on the space and travelling the world to see operations.”

“The lithium industry needs to evolve to create the necessary foundations for the successful introduction of financial derivatives in the market. An accurate and trusted market price will be central to this evolution and Benchmark is already working with companies across the supply chain to embed our prices in physical contracts.”

Lithium Industry’s Reference Price

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence sets the lithium industry’s reference price in its monthly subscription service, Lithium Price Assessments (Request Free Trial Here).

This service provides independent prices assessed to a lithium specific methodology – an industry first – and is done so by analysts that understand the lithium market.

These lithium prices are used by major actors in the supply chain to discuss and negotiate lithium contracts.

Our suite of price assessments and market intelligence services includes:

  • Cobalt Price Assessments :Trial here
  • Graphite Price Assessments :Trial here
  • Lithium ion Battery Megafactories Assessment: Trial, email Rob Nichols – [email protected]
  • Benchmark Membership: Email Rob Nichols – [email protected]
  • Forecasts and Consulting: Email Andy Leyland, Head of Forecasting for more: [email protected]

It has been Benchmark’s ambition since launching as a speciality Price Reporting Agency (PRA) in 2014 to become the lithium industry’s benchmark price – a price that is written into contracts.

You can subscribe / trial to Benchmark Minerals’ Lithium Price Assessments by emailing Rob Nichols on [email protected]

To learn more how Benchmark Minerals can help you devise price mechanisms in contracts, email [email protected] 

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