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Benchmark hails overwhelming reaction to Senate hearing on energy, EV supply chains

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has welcomed the overwhelming reaction to the US Senate hearing on Tuesday 5 February in Washington, DC, which focused on electric vehicle and energy storage supply chains.

Led by Chairman Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), the hearing was the first of the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in the 116th Congress.

The Senators heard as Benchmark’s Managing Director, Simon Moores, issued a red alert on the lithium ion battery supply chain and the raw materials of lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite and warned the highest tier of US government that its country is presently a ‘bystander’ in this ‘global battery arms race’.… Read more

Who is winning the global lithium ion battery arms race?

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has caused upheaval in the lithium ion battery industry.

Before Elon Musk announced Tesla’s intention to build the world’s biggest lithium ion battery plant, The Gigafactory 1, lithium ion batteries were somewhat of a cottage industry geared to supplying a mobile consumer market for smartphones, laptops, and power-tools.

As we firmly settle into the 21st Century, the lithium ion battery industry has become one of the most critical globally as its role in the energy storage revolution becomes more and more apparent.… Read more

Benchmark Minerals to speak at BAML, Deutsche Bank – New York, This Week

If you do not subscribe and you want to attend these events, please email us at [email protected] 

The year is off to a grandstand start for the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Team.

Two subscriber only events in New York this week kicks off what will be a defining year for the lithium ion battery to EV supply chain.

1. BAML, Tuesday 15 January 2019 – The Benchmark World Tour 2019 

The first event, a full day of energy storage / ESS discussion, will take place at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) on Tuesday 15 January.… Read more

Benchmark Minerals invited to speak at The Royal Institution on rise of the lithium ion battery

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has been invited to speak at a special event for the UK public being held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in London.

The Battery – Inside Out is an event supported by new UK battery initiative, The Faraday Institution, taking place on Tuesday 12 March 2019 at 1900. It will focus on the rise of the lithium ion battery against the backdrop of a global electric vehicle and energy storage revolution.

The special one-off event will hear from the some of the UK’s and the world’s leading voices on the subject including:

  • Benchmark’s Managing Director, Simon Moores
  • Patrick Vallance, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Serena Corr from the University of Sheffield
  • David Greenwood of Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)
  • Judith Richardson, Global Purchasing Director of Jaguar Land Rover

It is the first time such an event has been held at The Royal Institution – a globally renowned organisation that supports public engagement with science.… Read more

EV Parking Bay

Has Glencore given electric vehicles the extra push to engineer cobalt out of a battery?

Is cobalt becoming its own worst enemy? Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence explores Glencore’s latest move to pull hydroxide supply from the market in the midst of contract negotiating season and what it means for cobalt’s strained relationship with cathode, battery and electric vehicle (EV) producers.


On Tuesday 6 November, the wires and social media channels were lit up with a seemingly significant piece of cobalt news: Glencore had pulled 1,472 tonnes of cobalt hydroxide from the market.… Read more

Benchmark Minerals’ Simon Moores talks lithium ion battery megafactories with Cobalt27

Benchmark’s Simon Moores recently featured in an interview with Cobalt27 and spoke about the emergence of lithium ion battery megafactories, where the demand is coming from and the implications for raw material supply chains.

In the Q&A Simon explains how in 2014 Benchmark Mineral Intelligence coined the term megafactories and how these lithium ion battery factories have grown since Tesla announced the Gigafactory, a move which transformed the industry.

Megafactories are not limited to Tesla or North America and the interview also covers other key companies and regions to watch out for in the battery space.… Read more

Wake up or be disrupted: BYD’s Micheal Austin keynotes Benchmark Minerals Week 2018, warns lithium ion battery industry

It was a pleasure for the Benchmark Minerals team to welcome Micheal Austin, BYD America’s Vice President as the keynote to Cathodes 2018, the world’s leading lithium ion battery and electric vehicle supply chain conference.

Since 2007 when Micheal joined BYD, he has been a true pioneer in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and has been instrumental to BYD’s efforts to bring electrification to the mass market.

His career spans back to Motorola and the launch of the $3,995 phone (in 1983 US dollars) DyanTAC cell phone, commonly known as The Brick.… Read more

DOWNLOAD: Lithium, cobalt prices enter new period of volatility as era of EV begins; vanadium awaits lithium ion moment

Lithium and cobalt prices are experiencing a new period of volatility as prices crest from post-2010 highs. Both speciality minerals that are key components in an electric vehicle’s lithium ion battery began to see a downward turn in 2018.

The Benchmark World Tour 2018 – the world’s leading investor forum for lithium ion supply chain and in its 4th year – explored these themes in Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney over the last two weeks. Download presentations from the Benchmark World Tour below.Read more

Lithium ion battery China

Tesla’s Gigafactory to be world’s biggest battery plant, but China will dominate electric vehicle lithium ion production for next decade

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is coming of age.

The ramp up of the battery megafactory in Nevada to a production level of 15GWh and a run rate of 20GWh by end-2018 will make the lithium ion plant the world’s largest.

Despite Tesla’s significant progress in adding new global lithium ion battery capacity, the megafactories in China are also rising.

New data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s new subscription service, Lithium ion Battery Megafactories Assessment, shows that LG Chem’s plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu will also reach a capacity close to 20GWh by end-2018, while CATL’s expansions in Ningde, Tianjin will be on a par with Tesla’s Gigafactory 1.… Read more

General Motors to keynote Benchmark’s annual lithium ion battery supply chain conference

We are delighted to announce that General Motors, one of the world’s leading auto OEMs, will speak at Graphite + Anodes 2018 on Monday 22 October 2018 in Newport Beach, CA.

Dr Saad Hasan, Advanced Technology Engineer at General Motors, will present on developments in EV battery technologies and the future for lithium-ion anode materials.

Graphite + Anodes 2018 will also hear from leading anode producers, natural/synthetic graphite suppliers and battery end-users.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Natural vs synthetic graphite
  • Supply, demand and pricing
  • Anode technologies
  • Lithium ion battery megafactories
  • Competing end-markets
  • Flake Graphite
  • Anodes
  • EVs & Stationary storage
  • Synthetic graphite
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Future anode materials

You can sign up for Graphite + Anodes 2018 here.… Read more