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Benchmark Minerals’ Simon Moores warns Senate US a ‘bystander’ in battery arms race

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence returned to the US Senate on 5 February 2019 for a second hearing on the supply chain for electric vehicle batteries and energy storage.

Simon Moores, Benchmark Minerals’ Managing Director, had been summoned by the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and provided testimony on the supply chains of key battery raw materials used in energy storage.

In his testimony Moores explained to the committee how the global lithium ion megafactory trend will affect raw material demand and questioned the USA’s current role in the supply chains, offering a warning that it was being outflanked by China.… Read more

Who is winning the global lithium ion battery arms race?

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has caused upheaval in the lithium ion battery industry.

Before Elon Musk announced Tesla’s intention to build the world’s biggest lithium ion battery plant, The Gigafactory 1, lithium ion batteries were somewhat of a cottage industry geared to supplying a mobile consumer market for smartphones, laptops, and power-tools.

As we firmly settle into the 21st Century, the lithium ion battery industry has become one of the most critical globally as its role in the energy storage revolution becomes more and more apparent.… Read more

Lithium ion battery China

Tesla’s Gigafactory to be world’s biggest battery plant, but China will dominate electric vehicle lithium ion production for next decade

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is coming of age.

The ramp up of the battery megafactory in Nevada to a production level of 15GWh and a run rate of 20GWh by end-2018 will make the lithium ion plant the world’s largest.

Despite Tesla’s significant progress in adding new global lithium ion battery capacity, the megafactories in China are also rising.

New data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s new subscription service, Lithium ion Battery Megafactories Assessment, shows that LG Chem’s plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu will also reach a capacity close to 20GWh by end-2018, while CATL’s expansions in Ningde, Tianjin will be on a par with Tesla’s Gigafactory 1.… Read more

Plight of the PRA and how Benchmark became the lithium industry’s reference price

Since its inception in 2014, the rise of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence as the lithium industry’s reference price has been the ideal case study for how the commodities publishing industry is changing.
Scandals such as libor and credit ratings fixes have brought scrutiny (and with it a police raid) on commodity price publishers. This has resulted in new stamps of approval such as IOSCO certification, something that is alien to a lithium industry undergoing an evolution in demand.
Here we outline how the price assessment industry is evolving and how trust is central to Benchmark’s lithium-focused approach that is cutting a new, more accurate and transparent path forward.
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