Cathodes: Price Assessments and their Role in the Lithium ion Battery Supply Chain

Cathodes: Price Assessments and their Role in the Li-ion Battery Supply Chain

Of the three major components in lithium-ion batteries — namely, the anode, electrolyte, and cathode — it is the cathode that is most under the spotlight.

Significant resources are spent on discovering which formulation of nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium is best for improving battery performance.

This coupled with the surge in lithium ion battery demand from electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) means that it is vital to understand the importance of cathode material in the supply chain.

Other factors could affect your business fortunes should you wish to invest in it, however. You need data, especially on raw materials and components essential for their production.

The latest prices of the key raw materials of lithium, cobalt and nickel are critical to modelling the cost of lithium ion cells and the impact on downstream markets.

Benchmark Minerals is the most trusted source of market price assessments and analysis on the lithium ion battery supply chain.

Varying Formulations in EV Production

In the automotive industry, specifically in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, automakers use formulations that are becoming increasingly unique to their models. While the industry is rounding on both nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) and nickel cobalt aluminium (NCA) cathode chemistries, the formulations within each can differ quite significantly.

Major cathode producers such as Umicore, Sumitomo Metal Mining, Pulead Technology, and Beijing Easpring are all racing to balance energy density with safety – a battle which has seen nickel face off with cobalt: read more here.

Other cathode formulations are still making headway, including lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are still used to produce electric buses.

Price Assessments for Cathode input materials 

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence offers price assessments for the critical cathode raw materials of lithium and cobalt.

We also offer consultancy and forecasts covering raw materials, cathodes, and lithium ion cells.

We have teams on the ground, gathering data from mineral sources while our analysts assess the impact of supply and demand on market prices.

Cathode price analysis is crucial for investors and companies with high stakes in the lithium-ion industry. Information is leverage, and given the industry’s volatility, you need data to navigate the environment.

Our product offering for cathode materials include: 

Lithium and Cobalt Price Assessments

Our Price Assessment team are the world’s leading independent analysts in the commercial lithium industry – Benchmark Minerals sets the lithium reference price.

We also publish regular assessments on cobalt feedstock metals and chemicals that are used to produce lithium ion battery cathode grade materials.

We collect price information which is used to negotiate supply contracts and make investment decisions in the lithium ion battery supply chain.

This market price information is published on a regular basis together with unrivalled analysis on the graphite and anode industry that is gained from travelling direct to operations around the world. See our Price Assessment Tab for more. 

Cathode Forecasting & Consultancy

We offer medium and long-term forecasting for flake lithium, cobalt and cathode materials. Our layered analysis – mine by mine, plant by plant – uses our data that has been built up through years of industry experience.

Together with Benchmark Minerals’ unrivalled knowledge in the space, our forecasting and consultancy has aided the biggest business decisions in the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle supply chain.

See our Forecasting & Consultancy Tab for more. 

Cathodes Conference:  An annual conference that is hosted as part of Benchmark Minerals Week. The event brings together major producers of lithium, cobalt, nickel and cathodes together with lithium ion batteries and electric vehicle manufacturers. See our Events Tab for more.