Mineral Supply Chain

Disruptive Technology: Supply Chain Impact

As part of our Supply Chain 20/20 initiative, Benchmark launches a new white paper examining the impact of disruptive technology on critical raw materials
As leading global companies such as Apple, Google and Tesla Motors push forward with the commercialisation of new, disruptive technologies, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence analyses the impact this is having on critical raw material markets.

With existing raw material supplies unable or too inflexible to provide sufficient quantities needed to feed the projected growth rates expected in these new markets, Benchmark’s free download, Mineral Supply Chain Visibility: impact of disruptive technology on critical raw materials, outlines the opportunities and challenges facing critical mineral suppliers.

From the revolution in batteries to the top trends we expect from critical mineral markets this year,Benchmark highlights how supply chain visibility will become crucial to all stakeholders in these emerging markets.

Download for free here.

This report includes:

  • The Rise of Criticality
  • The Nature of Minerals
  • Lithium-ion Battery Revolution
  • The Geopolitics of Mineral and Metal Supply
  • Supply Rigidity
  • Ten Critical Mineral trends for 2015
  • The Era of Price Volatility
  • The increasing need for accurate data

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