LCA Consultancy

In light of increasing pressure for transparency and carbon accounting, LCAs are becoming widely used to provide holistic, detailed assessments of environmental impacts. LCA is a scientifically proven method to quantify impacts of a product and its process system across the entire value chain, going beyond assessing carbon emissions alone.

Bespoke life cycle assessments

Benchmark conducts bespoke LCAs tailored to companies and operations across the lithium ion battery supply chain, from explorative mining companies to battery recyclers. Our bespoke LCAs can be targeted at various stages of a project, as early as preliminary development.
A bespoke LCA can help with:
  • communicating your environmental impact to investors and customers
  • environmental hotspot analysis
  • product research & development
  • procurement management
  • developing sustainability strategy
These can be achieved by comparing your environmental performance against Benchmark's Global LCAs as a real-time industry's average, evaluating environmental hotspots within a process and across the supply chain, and many more.
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Benchmark Global LCAs

Each Global LCA provides a detailed analysis on the environmental impacts of the dominant processing routes at present that demonstrates “average" LCA results for each mineral, allowing stakeholders to deepen their knowledge on environmental hotspots and potential areas of concern across the industry. Companies can use the Global LCA to make informed decisions on their operations through understanding common environmental challenges at facilities. Facilities in operation can compare and measure their impacts against this live industry average, gaining insight into their performance against the baseline. Benchmark Global LCAs are ISO-compliant and are ‘cradle-to-gate’: the ‘cradle’ starts at raw material acquisition, and the ‘gate’ marks the finished product as defined by the goal and scope. Benchmark Global LCAs are featured in each Benchmark ESG Report that covers the battery supply chain, updated quarterly to ensure all market changes and developments in technologies or processes are captured accurately.
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