Benchmark Minerals Week 2019
Day One Monday 11th November 2019

Sessions 1: Keynotes

08:45 Welcome Address Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
09:00 State of the Industry Andrew Miller, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
09:15 Battery Keynote
09:35 Anode Keynote
09:55 Anode Keynote
10:15 Q&A Panel
10:30 Coffee Break

Sessions 2: Synthetic Graphite

11:00 Needle coke producer
11:20 Graphitization processing
11:40 Synthetic graphite supplier
12:00 Synthetic graphite supplier
12:20 Lunch

Sessions 3: Natural Graphite

14:00 Operating the world’s largest flake graphite mine
Shaun Verner, MD & CEO, Syrah Resources
14:20 China’s flake graphite landscape
Xiaomin Xia, Vice General Manager, Jixi Northeast Asia Mineral Resource
14:40 Carbonization & graphitization
Haibo Mo, General Manager, Hensen Graphite
15:00 Spherical graphite producer
15:20 Coffee Break

Session 4: Future anode technologies

16:00 Battery technology developments
Adam Panayi, MD, Rho Motion
16:15 Silicon valley’s anode emergence
Craig Weich, VP Business Development, Sila Nanotechnologies
16:35 Developments in anode technology
Mark Thompson, MD, Talga Resources
16:55 High capacity Si/C anode solutions
Eric M. Leslie, Managing Director, Trion Energy Solutions
17:15 Anode material solutions
Eric Kish, CEO, Nanoramic Labs
17:35 Drinks Reception
Day Two Tuesday 12th November 2019

Session 5: Demand Keynotes

09:00 China’s EV boom
Wei Liu, President, BAIC Motor- Heilongjiang Pride New Material Technology Co., Ltd
09:20 Non-EV battery cell selection
Chia-Ying Lee, Principal Battery Engineer, SharkNinja
09:40 Stationary Storage
10:00 Lithium ion battery forecasting
Andy Leyland, Head of Forecasting, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
10:20 Coffee Break

Session 6: New supply pipeline

10:50 Expanding flake graphite capacity outside of China
Surinder Ghag, Group Technical Services Manager, Mineral Commodities
11:10 Peter Wright, Executive Director, Bass Metals
11:25 Julian Stephens, MD, Sovereign Metals
11:40 Paul Ferguson, CEO, NovoCarbon Corporation
11:55 Graphite Developer
12:10 Africa’s large flake graphite potential
Shishir Poddar, Chairman & MD, Tirupati Graphite
12:30 Lunch

Session 7: Processing briefing

14:00 Graphite’s value-added potential
Stephen Riddle, CEO, Asbury Carbons
14:15 Spherical Graphite
Reiner Haus, MD, Dorfner Anzaplan
14:35 Purification technology
14:55 Processing technology
15:15 Afternoon Break

Solid State Symposium

Ahead of the annual Benchmark Minerals Week Joint Networking Reception, join our expert speakers on a session designed to explore the biggest potential disruptor to existing lithium ion battery technology: solid state batteries.

Given the implications of the technology across the supply chain, delegates from both Graphite + Anodes 2019 and Cathodes 2019 are invited to join us for an interactive symposium exploring the challenges and opportunities of new battery technology.

17:00 Welcome Address Emily Hersh, Managing Partner, DCDB Group
17:10 Battery technology outlook
Logan Goldie-Scot, Manager, Energy Sotrage, Bloomberg NEF
17:25 Commercialising a solid-state future
17:45 Solid state technology
Doug Campbell, CEO, Solid Power
18:00 Q&A with all speakers
18:30 Networking Reception
19:00 – 22:00 BM Week Joint Networking Reception



To be announced