Benchmark World Tour 2019


24 JUN

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08:00 Registration & Networking
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08:30 Introduction from the Chair – UBS View on EV Penetration
Patrick Hummel, Managing Director, UBS



Dawn of the lithium ion battery megafactories

  • Approaching a multi-terawatt hour battery blueprint
  • China’s increasing cell capacity: but what chemistry choices are being made?
  • Europe and the US fight back with major plans
Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Benchmark is the world’s leading market price data and supply chain intel provider focused on lithium ion and solid-state battery supply chains. Benchmark sets the monthly lithium reference price that is published by Bloomberg, testified to US Senate in 2017 and is widely quoted in global media.

Industry Presentations


Savannah Resources
David Archer, CEO (London)


Bushveld Minerals
Fortune Mojapelo, CEO (South Africa)


Frontier Lithium
Trevor R. Walker, President & CEO (Canada)


Chris Reed, Managing Director (Australia)


Q&A Panel Session with 4 industry presenters & Simon Moores



Energy Density and the EV lithium ion battery

  • Lithium ion cell energy density and its consequences for EVs
  • The role of EV platforms and battery pack management
  • EV range versus cost and stumbling blocks to mass adoption / forecast
Adam Panayi, Managing Director, Rho Motion 15-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Rho Motion is an independent publisher focused on the downstream of the lithium ion battery industry. The London-based company offers monthly energy density assessments and research linking the battery packs to the EV platform. Rho Motion has advised some of the world’s leading banks, investors, EV producers and battery makers.

Coffee Break



Electric Vehicles Outlook

  • Why is this all happening’…electrification and the marriage of energy and mobility
Roger Atkins, Managing Director, Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd 15-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote

Industry Presentations


Standard Lithium
Robert Mintak, CEO & Director (Canada)


Euro Manganese
Marco Romero, President & CEO (Canada)


European Metals Ltd
Keith Coughlan, Managing Director (Australia)


Talga Resources
Dr Sai Shivareddy, R&D Manager (Australia)


Q&A Panel Session with 3 industry presenters & Adam Panayi



Innovation Addressing a Billion Dollar Lithium Ion Battery Market

  • New proprietary technology changes the way battery materials can be made
  • Innovation lowers costs while increasing performance
  • Strategic partnerships established to commercialize
  • 20+ strategic partner pipeline in place
  • Proven – Piloted – Patented
Ms Hamutal Ben Bassat, VP of Business Development, Nano One Materials 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Nano One is a Canadian technology company with a scalable industrial process for producing low cost high performance battery materials and a wide range of other advanced nanostructured composites. This novel three-stage process uses equipment common to industry and is being engineered for high volume production and rapid commercialization.

Congo and Cobalt: the politics and the ethical questions of sourcing cobalt from DRC

Anneke Van Woudenberg, Executive Director, RAID 15-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote

Lunch Break Break to pick up lunch and return to seating for the Lunch Keynote Presentation

Lunch Keynote


Capturing the UK’s potential for battery and electric vehicle research and manufacturing

  • The Faraday Battery Challenge: investing in research, innovation and a new manufacturing scale-up facility to advance the production, use and recycling of batteries in the UK
  • The battery of the future: the technical challenges and research programmes that address them.
  • Building capability to ensure wave after wave of scientific breakthroughs.
Neil Morris, Chief Executive Officer, The Faraday Institution 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote



Nickel: creating a sustainable future

  • Nickel Supply demand outlook for 2018
  • How the industry is evolving
  • Nickel in lithium ion batteries 101 and the need for sustainability
Barry Jackson, Principal: Market Intelligence – nickel & stainless steel raw materials, Anglo American 15-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote

Building the 21st Century electric vehicle supply chain – First Hand Perspectives

  • Selection criteria for lithium, nickel, graphite anode and cobalt
  • The principles of negotiating a long-term contract from a consumer perspective
  • Battery cell selection policy: the must haves from the nice to haves
Vivas Kumar, Principal Consultant – Supply Chain, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Vivas’ was responsible for building Tesla’s lithium ion battery supply chain from May 2017 and oversaw the most rapid growth period in the EV battery industry’s history. He has rapidly become a pioneer in the lithium ion battery supply chain as the auto industry enters uncharted EV waters.
At Tesla, Vivas was responsible for sourcing and contracting lithium, cobalt, graphite anode and nickel sulphate, in addition to other battery components as the Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada scaled to become the world’s biggest battery plant.
Vivas’ lunch presentation will explore what the auto OEMs want from supply chain contracts and their battery and raw material suppliers, the hurdles to successful dealmaking, and the mismatch of cultures from mine to EV.


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