Benchmark World Tour 2019


13 MAY

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Dawn of the lithium ion battery megafactories

  • Approaching a multi-terarwatt hour battery blueprint
  • China’s increasing cell capacity: but what chemistry choices are being made?
  • Europe and the US fight back with major plans
Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Benchmark is the world’s leading market price data and supply chain intel provider focused on lithium ion and solid-state battery supply chains. Benchmark sets the monthly lithium reference price that is published by Bloomberg, testified to US Senate in 2017 and 2019 and is widely quoted in global media.



The Lithium Chess Board: Where will the pieces land in 2019?

  • Is a spodumene glut on the horizon?
  • How will the relationship between China’s big two lithium producers and Australia evolve?
  • The reaction: brine, prices and long term contracts
Chris Terry, Director | Americas Metals & Mining Equity Research, Deutsche Bank (New York, USA) 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote

Industry Presentation

09:10 Neometals – Mike Tamlin, COO (Australia)
09:25 Standard Lithium – Robert Mintak,CEO & Director (Canada)

Future Anodes: The rise of silicon in lithium ion batteries

  • Developing silicon technology for EVs
  • How Sila Nano can significantly reduce cost of battery pack
  • >$1bn valuation: How Sila Nano has partnered with major auto OEMs including Daimler
Warren DeSouza, CFO, Sila Nanotechnologies



Magnis a future global LIB technology and cell manufacturer

  • Building a global fleet of gigafactories
  • Breaking the cost barrier via materials technologies and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Technologies for next generation performance
Marc Vogts, Managing Director –Magnis Energy Technologies 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Magnis plans to become one of the world’s largest lithium-ion cell manufacturers through its involvement in various international gigafactories with over 100GWh of production planned by 2025. The Company has rapidly moved into battery technology with their high performing, chemical free anode technology and through the partnership formed with US Based Charge CCCV. Magnis will be responsible for the end to end supply chain in sourcing the raw materials and associated technologies for these gigafactories with the first plant scheduled for production located in New York.



Building the 21stCentury electric vehicle supply chain – First Hand Perspectives

  • Selection criteria for lithium, nickel, graphite anode and cobalt
  • The principles of negotiating a long-term contract from a consumer perspective
  • Battery cell selection policy: the must haves from the nice to haves
Vivas Kumar, Principal Consultant – Supply Chain, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote
Vivas’ was responsible for building Tesla’s lithium ion battery supply chain from May 2017 and oversaw the most rapid growth period in the EV battery industry’s history. He has rapidly become a pioneer in the lithium ionbattery supply chain as the auto industry enters uncharted EV waters.

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