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Benchmark Minerals was the first to track the global build out of lithium ion battery plants as part of the Benchmark Gigafactory Assessment.

The battery Gigafactory concept with Tesla’s Gigafactory 1, became a reality in 2016 and sparked a global battery arms race to shift the world to electric vehicles and energy storage.

These multi-gigawatt hour facilities are an order of magnitude bigger than their predecessors and the impact on the supply chains that feed them has been profound.

Understanding the plans of all current and emerging players in the lithium ion battery space is crucial to assessing the fate of electric vehicles and reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels via energy storage.

The lithium ion battery today is what the oil barrel was to the 20th century – the linchpin holding together these energy gigatrends.

Our team travels the world and speaks regularly with lithium ion battery producers and consumers to assess the facts from the speculation.


Benchmark Minerals offers a number of battery gigafactory intelligence services. Please click on product of interest below or click here to request more than one.

Download our Lithium Ion Battery Gigafactories Methodology HERE

Lithium ion Battery Gigafactories Assessment

Monthly Subscription: assessing the global build-out of lithium ion battery capacity, plant by plant to 2030. Includes online access to our Battery Gigafactories database.

Lithium ion Battery Consultancy

On Request: Bespoke research and forecasting for fund raising and public documents such as Scoping Studies, Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA), Pre-feasibility studies (PFS) and input to Feasibility Studies (FS) and Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

Benchmark Membership

Quarterly Subscription: Benchmark Minerals’ must have entry level subscription covering trends, analysis and interviews across the entire EV supply chain. Includes our famed quarterly printed magazine delivered direct to you, access to Benchmark’s presentation archive and Benchmark Keynotes video library.

Cathodes Conference

Annual Industry Conference: The premier event for the cathode to EV supply chain, bringing together cobalt, lithium, nickel and manganese producers with cathode and battery makers. Networking and deal-making with all the major actors in the industry

Graphite + Anodes Conference

Annual Industry Conference: The premier event for the graphite to EV supply chain; networking and deal-making with all the major actors in the industry

The Benchmark World Tour

Throughout the year: The world’s first and most expert series of investor focused seminars discussing all major developments in the lithium ion battery supply chain. Africa (February), North America (May), Europe (June), Asia (September), Australia (September).