Graphite 2015

Graphite | Forecasts 2016-2019

A 3-year analysis of supply, demand and prices of flake, amorphous and vein graphite

Benchmark | Forecasts presents a new, strategic study for 2016 – Graphite Forecasts 2016-2019: a 3-year analysis of supply, demand and prices of flake, amorphous and vein graphite.

With the world on the cusp of a lithium-ion battery revolution, the raw material industries that are fuelling this growth are firmly under the spotlight.

Electric vehicles, utility storage, and mobile technology are all powered by batteries that utilise graphite as the anode material.

The industry’s development has also been handed a turbo-boost thanks to Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory and plans from LG Chem, Panasonic, Samsung, BYD and Foxconn to build rival lithium-ion megafactories. All expansions are increases by an order of magnitude and the result will be a surge in battery supply over the next five years.

But will this revolution be derailed by a lack of raw material availability?

The report also analyses the mature staple markets of steel refractories and recarburisers which will compete for the saw flake graphite raw material as batteries.

Benefits of the report include:

  • 3-year forecast out to 2019 for graphite supply, demand and prices
  • Individual forecasts for flake, amorphous and vein graphite
  • Tesla Gigafactory, LG Chem and Foxconn demand analysed
  • China Report
  • Battery-grade graphite focus: supply chain risks
  • Peak refractories: an independent analysis
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Report Benefits

Benchmark’s Graphite Forecasts 2016-2019 will analyse the entire supply chain for flake graphite to give the most accurate, concise insight into an every changing industry.

Gain analysis, opinion and answers on:

Battery Demand

  • The Battery Megafactories
  • Flake graphite competition in anodes
  • Electric vehicles and utility potential analysed
  • Flake Graphite Cost Curve: the world’s first published estimated costs of flake mining around the world


  • Flake, amorphous and vein graphite
  • Price forecasts out to 2019
  • Demand forecasts for batteries, refractories and industrial markets
  • Supply forecasts by region 2016-2019
  • Flake Graphite Production Cost Curve
  • Major producers total production cost analysed
  • Major countries and regions compared
  • Opportunities for new producers outlined


  • Impact of consolidation analysed
  • Analysis of battery-grade potential
  • Refractory demand inside China analysed
  • Future political impact on graphite mining reviewed

Refractories / Industrial Demand

  • Refractory market analysis
  • Outlook for industrial uses for graphite: Recarburizer focus
  • Trends in raw material usage

Specialist Graphite Outlook

  • Outlook for specialist grades of graphite: expandable focus
  • High purity, large flake markets analysed
  • Niche in industry dissected


Pertinent questions Benchmark’s Graphite Forecasts 2016-2019 will answer include:

At what rate will EV battery demand surge?

With serious impetus behind electric vehicles from all major auto manufacturers, especially since the VW scandal in September 2015, the question has moved to when not if commercial take-off happens. The report analyses these trends and data to give Benchmark’s opinion on the market and impact it will have on battery raw materials, graphite especially.

Which raw material will win the battery race: natural or synthetic?

Benchmark analyses the factors surrounding the two competing raw materials for battery anodes: natural and synthetic graphite. Cost, environmental impact, and supply availability will all play major roles as to which battery producers will choose. We also look at emerging competitors such as silicon.

How will large scale, utility battery storage impact market dynamics?

For what has been the gorilla in the room for many years, utility storage is rapidly emerging. The need to secure back-up power, store intermittent renewable energy, and reduce the peak load on energy grids that are generations old is paramount.

If utility storage moves from an education phase to commercial reality, the uptake will dwarf EVs and the raw material industries, graphite especially, will be facing a supply problem.

Benchmark will bring new answers and opinions to what will be the next hot topic.

Have we reached peak refractories?

Steel refractories, the number one consuming industry for graphite, has experienced steady growth for many years. But in recent times this growth has slowed.

With China changing, India emerging, and a start-stop recovery in the US, Europe and Japan, what future is there for the steel refractories industry? Does the industry still hold growth potential for graphite?

Benchmark highlights critical trends to give you independent opinion and answers.

What is the future for specialist graphite markets and niche grades?

While refractory demand has slowed, sales in speciality graphite markets has surged. Niche grades of flake graphite can have niche, value-added applications that rely less on volume and more on expertise and process.

Are there markets you have missed? What niche areas can you target your product at? What supply issues is this sector facing?

How will flake, amorphous and vein graphite prices react?

The supply and demand balance of the industry is changing. With the emergence of hi-tech markets and the slowing of tradition applications, graphite is facing uncertain times. And with uncertainty generally comes price volatility.

Benchmark’s 3-year forecast for all forms of natural graphite arms your business with its independent price analysis into the future. From our independent, global perspective we will give your business our impartial opinion based on first-hand data we collect.

Our Approach

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has a unique approach to researching and creating forecast reports. This approach sets us apart from other market offerings.

Data collection

All of Benchmark’s products are based on primary data collected in-house by our analysts. Every week our experts collect prices and supply and demand data for a host of minerals. Most data on the market is second and third hand information which can give a distorted picture.

We also analyse major end market drivers and economic indicators that help us achieving to goal of creating the most accurate, up-to-date, picture of the industry supply chain we are analysing.

Our opinion

Every report gives Benchmark’s opinion from its independent and global perspective.

Following thorough research, we encourage our analysts to give opinions and thoughts on the whole supply chain being studied.


Our analysts understand that your time is essential.

The need to digest the key facts and action points at first glance is paramount. Therefore we design our reports to cater for the modern, global business in the critical minerals and metals space.

Through specially designed graphics, clear data sets and tables, to summary takeaway facts, our reports will arm your business with critical information in the shortest time possible.

We will also not compromise on our in-depth analysis in the same report for when you or your team has more time.

Commercial / Technical balance

Benchmark is a market facing research house yet we understand the need to get behind the key technical drivers that are making commercial reality possible.

We will outline the most important technical factors that could impact the commercialisation of a product. For example this could include: mineral processing innovations, raw material application changes, or development of material replacements.

Benchmark will outline the major technical trends to monitor.

Report Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Graphite Supply and Demand in 2015
  3. China Situation Report
  4. Top Producing Countries Review (Excl China)
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Canada
    • Norway
  5. Global producers review
  6. Benchmark’s Global Resource Estimate
  7. Benchmark’s Flake Graphite Production Cost Curve
  8. Supply Forecasts 2015-2019
    • Flake Graphite Supply
    • Amorphous Graphite Supply
    • Vein Graphite Supply
  9. Demand Forecasts 2015-2019
    • Overall Natural Graphite
    • Battery-Graphite
    • Industrial Graphite
    • Specialist Graphite
  10. Price Forecasts 2015-2019
    • Flake Graphite
      • -100 mesh, 94-95%
      • +100 mesh, 94-95%
      • +80 mesh, 94-95%
    • Amorphous Graphite
      • Grades TBC
    • Vein Graphite
      • Grades TBC
  11. Major trends to monitor
  12. Data Pages