Announcement: Benchmark to assess new lithium ion battery anode grades

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is pleased to introduce two additional uncoated spherical graphite prices to our monthly Graphite Price Assessment service:

  • Uncoated spherical graphite, 99.95% C, 10 microns
  • Uncoated spherical graphite, 99.95% C, 25 microns

Benchmark has added these two new uncoated spherical graphite prices to its monthly Price Assessment service in order to increase coverage of the growing feedstock market for lithium-ion battery anodes and electric vehicles.

“As the range of applications for lithium-ion batteries grows with electric vehicle and energy storage evolution, so too have the requirements of anode manufacturers, and micron size is a significant price variable,” explained Benchmark’s Senior Analyst, Andy Miller.

“We have therefore expanded our prices for uncoated spherical graphite to the three most common micron sizes used by anode manufacturers: 10 microns, 15 microns and 25 microns to reflect the active trading market,”

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s Managing Director, Simon Moores said:

“This further consolidates Benchmark’s position as the world’s leading price assessor for lithium ion battery raw materials and precursors.”

For more information or to subscribe today, please contact Benchmark Mineral Intelligence on [email protected] with subject line “Graphite Prices”. 

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