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China’s anode majors shift to Sichuan in clean energy push

In 2021, China’s leading anode manufacturers have announced a wave of expansion plans in Sichuan at an unprecedented scale, with the province set to emerge as a new centre for anode capacity in the country.

The industry’s tier 1 producers — including BTR, Shanshan, Kaijin and Putailai — have announced … Read more

Benchmark in-person events 2021 update

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence will not be hosting any in person events in 2021.

The following in-person events  will now take place free and online:

  • Benchmark Week 2021 (Cathodes 2021, Anodes 2021, Sustainability Summit 2021)
  • Benchmark Summit 2021 – Washington DC

We will also continue to host subject-specific online webinars which … Read more

Price rises hit peripheral battery components

Sharp price rises and supply shortages for non-active materials used in lithium ion cells are adding pressure to battery manufacturers already facing a rise in battery raw material prices.

Prices for binder and separator materials, and solvents, began trending upwards in late-2020 and have since seen sustained higher prices and … Read more

What does CATL’s sodium ion cell mean for the battery supply chain?

China's CATL has introduced its first-generation sodium ion battery technology, alongside its AB battery pack solution, during its online launch event Tech Zone.

The tier 1 battery producer is hoping the sodium ion cell technology can provide a sustainable alternative to the volatile raw material market that dictates the lithium … Read more