A statement from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Sunday, 31 May 2020

A statement from Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 

While it is easier to speak on COVID-19 – an indiscriminate, killer that none of us have immunity – it is nowhere near as easy for myself, first and foremost, and us as a collective to speak on discrimination.

Yet, the countrywide protests we are seeing in the US have again shown us that racism is alive and ingrained in the 21st century.

Racism is a disease that we also have here in the UK and it is clear every country has their own (literally) life or death problems with racism.  As a result, protests are spreading worldwide.

Racism is alive.

It is ingrained in our society and the systems we live within.

There are no varying degrees of racism that are OK to tolerate. 

Staying silent is no longer an option.

Our industry, the lithium ion battery to electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, is one of the most exciting, modern and forward looking communities to work within. 

However, you only have to look at the demographic of industry events including our own to recognise that more work is needed to create a community that is truly reflective of our industry’s diverse nature.

More needs to be done and talking about it is the first step. 

As a result, we will be hosting an online discussion on Thursdaym11 June 2020:

Diversity: Creating a true 21st century that is reflective of the world we live in (You can join us here)

Collectively, we need to become active in promoting change. This is no one-off issue, this needs a seismic shift in the way we live our lives.

I welcome all ideas from our community to become active, to promote change and create the industry and world we want to live in and not one penned in by the prejudices of the past and present. 

You can contact us at [email protected]