Benchmark expands price assessment team, launches new ESG division with lithium

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is excited to confirm two major developments that continue to expand our world class organisation in line with our growth and standing in the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. These are: 

1) Expansion of our Price Assessment Division 

Benchmark provides the premier price benchmarks for the lithium ion battery supply chain that are used in contracts and negotiations for lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite. We are excited to welcome the following new team members allowing us to increase our reach in China and our depth of price data collection:

  • Maynie Yang – Analyst 
  • Yehong Peng – Analyst 

2) Establishing Benchmark ESG

Benchmark ESG, our new Environment, Social and Governance division, is creating unique and specific methodologies for the electric vehicle supply chain that will provide independent analysis and benchmarks for social and environmental standards in our industry. 

Benchmark ESG will provide a standardised approach to the ESG challenge, allowing clients to access key data and rankings from raw material mine through to lithium ion battery cells and end markets – for every step of the lithium ion battery value chain. 

We are pleased to welcome our new Benchmark ESG team members: 

  • Charlotte Selvey-Miller – Senior Analyst – ESG 
  • Catherine Smith – Senior Analyst – ESG 
  • Sarah Colbourn – Research Analyst – ESG 

Simon Moores, Managing Director at Benchmark said: 

“We are, once again, organically expanding Benchmark in line with demand for our existing price assessment and market intelligence services for the battery, EV, energy storage and investment industries. 

Benchmark’s lead as the world’s most trusted, independent source of battery supply chain intelligence has been increasing during this pandemic year. 

“While our business has evolved due to the restrictions on hosting in-person events, Benchmark has seen unparalleled demand for our prices, data, forecasting, and consultancy services. 

“This is allowing us to surge forward, in what is a tough environment for most, and continue to expand our business that we have built by turning relentless commitment, hard work, and expertise into the world’s highest quality data and intelligence services. 

Team Benchmark is excited to see Maynie Yang and Yehong Peng join Caspar Rawles’ Price Assessment & Data team, and welcoming Charlotte Selvey-Miller, Catherine Smith and Sarah Colbourn to the heart of Benchmark ESG headed up by Andrew Miller.

“With these developments, we are doubling down on our team’s achievements to date and we all look forward to meeting our customers and supporters in person once it is safe to do so.”

On our Price Assessment Expansion 

Caspar Rawles, Head of Price Assessments & Data at Benchmark said: 

“We are delighted to welcome Maynie and Yehong to our growing team that collects crucial price benchmarks for supply chain contracts. 

“In a short space of time, we have grown our price offering to 32 benchmarks for lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite – the four key raw materials that go into a lithium ion battery. 

“This price data coupled with our world class analysis is relied upon by every major market participant in the electric vehicle supply chain. 

“Our continuous investment into this data engine for Benchmark is both a sign of the demand we are seeing and our commitment to rigorous, IOSCO compliant price collection and assessments. 

“Maynie and Yehong will be valuable additions and we are thrilled to have them join Team Benchmark.” 

Contact Benchmark’s Price Assessment & Data Division on [email protected]

On establishing Benchmark ESG 

Andrew Miller, Product Director, at Benchmark said: 

“At a time when questions are mounting on not just the availability, but also the sustainability of EV supply chains, we are excited to launch a new team that will add to the industry leading market intelligence Benchmark provides.

“The new division will offer independent assessments of ESG variables across the battery market, starting with lithium. 

“Our comprehensive and granular understanding of the lithium ion battery supply chain is unparalleled and allows us to conduct more accurate and relevant analysis, providing greater ESG transparency and giving confidence to downstream users that important thresholds have been met.”

“It is with great pride we establish Benchmark ESG and welcome Charlotte, Catherine and Sarah to Team Benchmark.

Contact Benchmark ESG today with your questions: [email protected]