Benchmark launches Lithium ESG Report

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is excited to announce the launch of its Lithium ESG report, the first in our series of ESG reports covering the lithium ion battery supply chain.

Both the growing importance of lithium ion batteries in the energy transition and the drive for companies to engage with ESG have pushed this supply chain into the spotlight and its environmental and social sustainability is coming under scrutiny.

As the world’s leading voice on the lithium ion battery supply chain, Benchmark is proud to provide the market with independent, reliable, and expert intelligence on the ESG landscape of the supply chain.

Benchmark’s new report provides ESG intelligence via several components, including expert industry analysis, interactive databases, and company-by-company evaluations. The core report is structured around the discussion and analysis of material topics that emerged from Benchmark’s lithium materiality assessment as critically important.

The Lithium ESG Report comes in the form of an annual subscription service with quarterly updates on ESG and lithium news, as well as our industry ESG reporting statistics which look at trends connected to operating status, position in the supply chain, and regional locations.

Benchmark’s Global Life Cycle Assessment of lithium processes is another feature: showing the environmental impact of producing lithium carbonate (from brine) and lithium hydroxide (from spodumene) through typical processing routes. These baselines facilitate comparisons where companies can measure their impacts against this current industry average. Both baseline LCAs will be updated to reflect market changes or moves away from typical processing techniques. Get in touch with our Benchmark ESG team if you are interested in completing a LCA to compare against our baseline.

We have introduced an ESG lens to key trends highlighted in Benchmark’s Lithium Forecast, assessing how market trends and developments might impact – or be impacted by – ESG themes.

As part of the report, subscribers will have access to further ESG data via company profiles and an ESG matrices database. These components present ESG credentials and operational data on all lithium miners and converters, demonstrating a holistic picture of industry-wide engagement with ESG, as well as company-by-company assessments.

Benchmark’s ESG series will include reports on all key materials in the lithium ion battery supply chain. The reports for nickel and cobalt will be launched in the coming months, and flake and synthetic graphite will follow shortly after, including the same components as the Lithium ESG report. Please contact any member of the Benchmark team to participate in our upcoming industry surveys for lithium, nickel, cobalt, flake, and synthetic graphite.

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