Benchmark outlines its charitable giving strategy; St George’s University Hospital & Plus You selected for Q2 2020

Benchmark is pleased to confirm the following charitable organisations it has donated to this quarter.

Benchmark‘s charitable giving to date has been internal but we have now decided to make this pubic, explain the rationale behind our decisions and give some profile to the causes we select.

Below are the two organisations we have selected this quarter together with some background from the team member that recommended the cause and a statement from our managing director.

St George’s University Hospitals (NHS), Tooting, London, UK 

Ben Ash, Head of Sales & Sponsorship, Benchmark explained: 

“St George’s University Hospital in Tooting was my recommendation, not only from a personal point of view but because they are also on the front-line of current emergency advanced coronavirus cases and is the main hospital for emergency trauma in South London. It’s one of the busiest in the UK.”

“St Georges’ surgeons performed an emergency operation on my father at 4am to stem the flow of a severe brain bleed. I was told he would unlikely make it but they performed a miracle.

“Thereafter, the care he received from the selfless nurses to the tea ladies was a sight to behold. I’ve never come across people like that before and I witnessed first hand the care they showed people with relatives that were in really dire circumstances.”

“I can imagine now that anyone ending up in there with any severe affliction – the staff will be going above and beyond.”

Plus You Limited, Southampton, UK

Derrick Allott, Subscription Sales Associate, Benchmark explained:

“My recommendation was for a little known charity called Plus You Ltd that my father works for in Southampton, UK.

“This charity is based in one of the most deprived areas in the south of England and offers children in poverty a free, two course meal to each child during the school holidays. Over 60% of children in this area receive free school meals in times of holiday.

“In the UK there are an estimated 4m children living in poverty with over 1.5m of those claiming free school meals during term time. During the school holidays children lose the right to their one guaranteed meal a day. That is 175 days per year where children live without knowing where their next meal will come from.

“Due to my father’s long term involvement with this charity I have seen first-hand how the work this charity does makes a substantial difference to peoples’ lives. During my childhood I grew up in this area and I am aware of many families that were helped by the incredible work that Plus You ltd do.

“Families can often find themselves in this position through no fault of their own.

Benchmark have made a donation to Plus You Ltd that will provide 1,600 meals to some of the UK’s most in need children.”

Simon Moores, Managing Director of Benchmark said:  

“Each quarter, we ask our team members to suggest charitable organisations with which they have a personal connection and a reason for wanting to help.

“This could be for a cause they have been directly affected by, for an institution like a hospital that has helped them, their family or friends, or for a cause they feel strongly about.

“We put no limitations on what organisations people can suggest but favour smaller organisations that are locally focused on a specific set of goals and ones that can outline, where possible, the impact of the donation.

“The coronavirus pandemic has magnified the strength of Benchmark as a business and the selfless community spirit of our entire team.

“If people close to the Benchmark community are in need, quite simply, if we are in a position to do something, we must.

“Therefore, I am pleased that this will be a consistent part of what we do at Benchmark and welcome any suggestions from our clients, friends and followers of causes in need of help around the world.”

Please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “Charity” if you have suggestions for our next round of charitable giving. Deadline 15 September 2020. 

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