Benchmark Week 2020: Glencore, Albemarle, Umicore, Easpring, Northvolt-Volkswagen, Rio Tinto, BTR, Breakthrough Energy, SVolt +

In 7 days, Benchmark Week 2020 will take place, free and online for the first time. 

Experience five of Benchmark’s world class lithium ion battery supply chain conferences in 5 days featuring the leading voices of the industry, some of which have been selected below for you to join. 

All Times London GMT 

BTR & Superior Graphite (Graphite + Anodes 2020) – 4pm, Monday 7 Dec 

SVolt & Easpring (Cathodes 2020) –  8am, Tuesday 8 Dec 

Northvolt – Volkswagen (Battery Megafactories Europe) –  8am Weds 9 Dec 

Dr Andy Palmer (Battery Megafactories UK) – 2pm Weds 9 Dec  

Dr Palmer is the former CEO Aston Martin and EV pioneer who was crucial in developing the Nissan LEAF and the automakers’ supply chain strategy including integrated lithium ion battery cell capacity. 

Rio Tinto (Lithium Conference 2020)  – 4pm Thurs 10 Dec

BP, Total, IEA (Lithium Conference 2020) – 11am Thurs 10 Dec 

Albemarle, Breakthrough Energy (Lithium Conference 2020) –  8pm Thurs 10 Dec 

Rare earths special – 8pm Fri 11 Dec 

Don’t miss Benchmark’s State of the Industry Keynotes 

Graphite + Anodes 2020 

Andrew Miller, Product Director, Benchmark – Monday 7 Dec @ 7pm 

Cathodes 2020 

Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark – Tuesday 8 Dec @ 8pm 

Battery Megafactories Europe 2020 

Caspar Rawles, Head of Price & Data Assessments – Weds 9 Dec @ 8am 

Battery Megafactories UK 2020 

Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark – Weds 9 Dec @ 2pm 

Benchmark’s Lithium Conference 2020 

Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark – Thursday 10 Dec @ 8pm