Bolivia presidential candidate Luis Arce outlines Lithium First Industrial Strategy; Benchmark advising on commercial strategy

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is pleased to be the independent advisor for Luis Arce, a candidate to become the next president of Bolivia, to develop a Lithium First Industrial Strategy. 

Benchmark is the world’s leading independent advisory firm for the lithium ion battery to electric vehicle supply chain, and as part of our suite of services, government advisory has been one of our fastest growing divisions. 

Simon Moores, Managing Director of Benchmark said: 

“A major evolution in Benchmark’s business in the last two years has been independently advising governments around the world on their supply chain strategies for what is one of the most important mega-trends of the 21st century – the energy storage revolution.

“Lithium is of course a central speciality chemical to this mega-trend and we are pleased to be able to advise Mr Arce and his team.”

Andy Leyland, Head of Strategic Advisory at Benchmark said: 

“It is well known that Bolivia boasts globally significant lithium resources, but has been unable to enter the market commercially in the past due to both technical and policy issues. A lithium-first strategy has the potential to unlock supplies that could be crucial to meeting the impending deficit in the lithium market.

“The lithium industry is forecast to grow close to 20% per annum over the coming decade due to dramatic increases in the use of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage applications. 

“While many different metals and materials are used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, lithium is the single most important element that is common to all different types and formulations of lithium-ion batteries. 

“However, the growth of lithium supply sources lags behind the upcoming global demand, so much so that the industry is expected to be in supply deficit by 2025 presenting a unique commercial opportunity for Bolivia that we are pleased to be able to advise.”

Mr Arce and his team on this Lithium First Industrial Strategy for Bolivia said: 

“Bolivia is blessed with the world’s largest and most prominent lithium resources at Salar de Uyuni. 

“Under a Luis Arce Presidency, Bolivia will partner with world-leading companies to harness the value of our abundant lithium resources to create jobs and improve the economic welfare for all Bolivians.

“We are committed to developing Bolivia’s lithium resources through these steps:

  •  Completing a full assessment of Bolivia’s lithium resources
  •  Engaging with leading companies in lithium and batteries from all over the world
  • Inviting these leading companies to bid on the right to develop domestic lithium mining and chemicals industries
  • Establishing a fiscal regime to ensure that the industry’s development produces tax revenue for the people
  • Ensuring that Bolivia is viewed as the global leader in the lithium industry

“Our teams efforts to commercialise Bolivia’s lithium industry will focus on the following goals for benefiting the Bolivia: 

  • Creating high-skilled high-paying mining and chemicals jobs for Bolivian people
  • Gaining tax revenue that can be funneled into building new hospitals, schools, and infrastructure
  • Economic development to create community wealth in Uyuni while maintaining the region’s tourism potential and minimizing environmental impact
  • Growing international recognition for Bolivia through its participation in one of the fastest-growing global industries
  • Playing our part in addressing the global climate change emergency

“Our team’s tailored strategy to take advantage of the unprecedented growth in the lithium industry is a once-in-a-generation event that creates wealth for the Bolivian people for many decades to come.”


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