Henry Sanderson joins Benchmark from Financial Times

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (Benchmark) is excited to confirm that Henry Sanderson has joined as Executive Editor of our Benchmark Membership division.

After serving for over seven years as Commodities Correspondent at the Financial Times, Henry will lead the expansion of our editorial team and creation of new compelling content that doubles down on our number one position in the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle supply chain. 

He will work with Robert Colbourn, Publisher of Benchmark Membership, on developing an entirely new product for 2022 which will, for the first time, expand our coverage into new supply chains that are critical to the energy transition. 

Henry Sanderson, Benchmark Membership’s new Executive Editor

Simon Moores, Benchmark’s CEO said: 

“Having Henry join our rapidly growing team is a real delight. 

“Henry is a world class operator who is respected industry-wide for the quality of his work, work ethic and independent approach to creating content that influences the biggest decisions.

“He has led the Financial Times on the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle thematic since the start and guided its global readership on what it really means for the raw materials fuelling this energy storage revolution. 

“Most of all, I am excited to see Henry expand our editorial team and take Benchmark into new supply chains, and do so with the class and calmness of character that is so revered by industry colleagues. 

“On a professional and a personal level, it is a joy to see Henry join Team Benchmark.” 

Henry Sanderson, Executive Editor at Benchmark Membership said: 

“The urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and limit the impact of climate change will require a large-scale shift away from fossil fuels. 

“This means a rapid scale-up of key technologies such as batteries, solar and wind. 

“This will in turn require growth of their supply chains needing new mines, new companies and new approaches, and new leaders. 

 “Benchmark has led the way in pricing and analysing these key supply chains and the raw materials needed, uncovering data and insights that did not exist anywhere in the world. 

 “Benchmark is the gold standard for actionable intelligence on clean energy supply chains. I’m delighted to be joining the team.”

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Robert Colbourn, Publisher of Benchmark Membership explained: 

“Henry adds a new anchor to our Benchmark Membership division as we create new, compelling and unique content on the lithium ion and electric vehicle supply chain. 

“In his role as Executive Editor, Henry will oversee the growth of Benchmark’s editorial team, which will continue to produce industry-leading news analysis, commentary, and the biggest interviews.

“In 2022, Henry will be pivotal to the launch of a new Benchmark Membership product which will see us expand into new supply chains that are driving the energy transition. 

“The way we present information will also evolve.

“Subscribers can look forward to data visualisations, on site video interviews, and much more creative content all focused on delivering the most crucial information in the most effective ways for the biggest business and policy decisions.”


Benchmark Membership is recruiting for Assistant Editors to support the growth in our Benchmark Membership division. If you are interested, email your CV to Robert Colbourn at [email protected]  

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