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Do you need reliable and accurate lithium forecast data from a brand you and financiers can trust?

  • Lithium supply, demand, price and cost forecasts out to 2040
  • Two-tiered supply model highlighting bottlenecks at a mine and chemical converter level
  • Granular downstream data and analysis at a battery and cathode chemistry level
  • Independent global price forecasts for lithium carbonate, hydroxide, and spodumene, using the foundations of Benchmark Minerals’ industry-leading price assessments
  • Forward-looking total cost modeling for carbonate, hydroxide, and spodumene
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Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (Benchmark), the world’s most trusted specialists in the lithium-ion battery supply chain, is pleased to offer Lithium Forecasts, our quarterly subscription service that gives you answers to your most crucial business questions. 

For existing and new customers alike, Benchmark’s  Lithium Forecasts has become indispensable.  

Presented in an easy to read format together with complete data sets for lithium supply, demand cost, and pricing out to 2040, Benchmark’s Lithium Forecasts is the industry’s go-to-database on the future of lithium. 

Your annual subscription is delivered in easy to digest PDF & Excel Formats and includes: 

  • Lithium Supply & Demand out to 2040: Mine by Mine, Chemical plant by chemical plant 
  • Price Forecasts out to 2040: Lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate & spodumene 
  • Cost Curve: Understand how lithium’s incentive price is evolving 
  • Unrestricted Data: Access to all the data in easy to digest excel files 

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