oil versus lithium

Lithium ion vs Oil: What the energy crisis means for the battery sector | Stream on demand

The Benchmark Briefing on Lithium ion versus Oil:  What the price crash means for the battery sector is available to watch on demand now.

This seminar marked the second of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s series of online events and is available for Benchmark Membership subscribers to stream on demand through Benchmark’s Video Streaming service.

Lithium ion versus oil: a watershed moment: Stream on demand

Benchmark’s Andy Leyland, Head of Strategic Advisory and Ahmed Mehdi, Principal, looked into the implications of an oil price crashing into the negative, the evaporation of gasoline demand and what this means for the lithium ion battery industry.

The seminar covers:

  • Oil changed forever: Oversupply in upstream oil markets will change everything and restructure the entire oil industry including shorter price cycles, high volatility and lower long run prices
  • Asia’s oil mega-projects adds pressure to downstream oil refining margins
  • Who loses the most? How Europe and the USA will become the biggest losers in this oil crisis – what’s next?
  • Hundreds of billions lost: Up to $200bn in annual CAPEX could be lost in upstream budgets
  • Lithium narrowing the gap on oil? Double digit long term demand growth in lithium versus declining oil demand – when does lithium become a true competitor?
  • What do investors want? Investors will increasingly favour the stability and growth offered by lithium and the lithium ion battery supply chain versus the volatility of oil
  • Coming of Clean Tech Age: Lithium ion battery supply chain now has to be seriously considered as part of investors cleantech mix.

Watch the seminar on demand here.