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Livent looks north for its spodumene ambitions

Livent and The Pallinghurst Group have formed a joint venture to acquire assets from Nemaska Lithium, and will own 50% of the newly named project, New Nemaska. The remaining 50% will be held by Investissement Quebec.

Nemaska Lithium had stretched itself with capital expenditure overruns as it pursued its vertically … Read more

EVs & lithium ion batteries at centre of UK’s Green Industrial Revolution

The UK government has outlined a ten-point plan, together with £12bn, for developing domestic new energy industries which it hopes will usher in a green industrial revolution.

As many expected, electric vehicles and lithium ion batteries are a major focus of the government’s efforts, bringing forward its electric vehicle (EV) … Read more

Nickel in the EV limelight

Nickel has often been the overlooked raw material for batteries with much attention focused on lithium and cobalt. For the nickel industry, batteries are still a relatively minor end-use, accounting for around 5% of end-use demand with demand still dominated by stainless steel demand, which was 70% of demand in … Read more

Watch highlights from Benchmark Summit 2020 – Washington D.C

Highlights from the Benchmark Summit 2020 – Washington D.C are now available to stream below.

This year’s Benchmark Summit was opened with keynote speeches from Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Chairman of the US Senate and Natural Resources Committee, and Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Ranking Member of the same committee, … Read more