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Electric India

Most mornings in New Delhi, a haze gathers across the cityscape, as pollution from the city’s endless vehicles and factories. This pollution is something that the government is now calling an ‘economic’ threat to India as much as an environmental health one. Benchmark Minerals can vouch for this; on a … Read more

Australia’s spodumene backlog sparks 2020 cutbacks

Galaxy Resources have announced plans to scale back operations by approximately 60% at its Western Australian Mt Cattlin mine in 2020, as market conditions continue to take their toll on Australia’s spodumene producers.

Further illustrating the problems facing Australian spodumene production, SQM and its investment partner Wesfarmers Limited have said … Read more

Europe builds on battery megafactory momentum

Europe’s megafactory momentum continued in Q4 as Tesla announced the Gigafactory 4 and combined European political efforts saw more consensus on building out battery production on the continent.

Tesla announced plans to expand battery production into Europe in Q4 2019 as Elon Musk made the surprise announcement that the company … Read more

Livent reviewing lithium hydroxide capacity expansions

Livent announced that it was reviewing its plans for capacity expansions with slower than anticipated lithium hydroxide demand growth which has left the company with inventories moving into the new year.

The company announced it would be carrying 4,000 tonnes of inventory into 2020, the equivalent of just over 10% … Read more

What does the post-subsidy China EV market look like?

China has dominated the electric vehicle market for the majority of the period that there has been a market to speak of, the rate of market development there outstrips any other region both in terms of penetration and volumes, and this trend has not abated in 2019. The first chart … Read more


Dyson announced that it would be exiting the electric vehicle race. But with this news there are signs it is pivoting to focus on solid state batteries.

Dyson’s high profile exit from its electric vehicle (EV) development in early-October was met with a good amount of press coverage as a … Read more