Spodumene: Price Assessment and Market Trends

Spodumene: Price Assessment and Market Trends

Brines may have replaced it as the number one source of lithium metal, but spodumene continues to enjoy strong demand from the mining, energy, and automotive industries. The price of spodumene conversion (the process of extracting lithium carbonate from the hard-rock mineral) is still higher than brine extraction, however, and merits close observation from downstream businesses and investors in spodumene mining companies.

Benchmark Minerals can provide intelligence on the industry, primarily spodumene concentrate prices. Our data will give you not just the real-time costs of lithium carbonate but also its market trends and projections.

A Starting Point in the Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain

As a source of lithium, spodumene falls at the start of the lithium-ion battery supply chain. It is the product of mining and mineral extraction, and the lithium carbonate extracted from spodumene is a key ingredient for making battery components.

Lithium carbonate extraction is a costly operation involving a series of metallurgical processes. However, as there are few other alternatives to extracting lithium, spodumene will continue to have a spot at the raw materials table.

With that in mind, organisations that have a stake in lithium-ion battery and electric car manufacturing, mining, or sourcing of raw materials will have much to gain from an intelligence service that will keep them up-to-date on the latest lithium and spodumene prices.

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