Will Plunkett joins from Argus Media as Benchmark Minerals ramps up price licensing for lithium, cobalt, graphite, and nickel

2 September 2019

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (Benchmark Minerals) is delighted to announce that Will Plunkett has been appointed Senior Account Manager and joins from Argus Media.

Will has a specialised sales background in subscription-based publications and was a Senior Business Development Manager at Argus Media and Integer Research, focusing on wire and cable and automotive services industries.

Will is the latest team member to join Benchmark Minerals in an expansive year that has targeted specific hires from industry including: Vivas Kumar (Tesla), Jose Hofer (SQM) and Mori Mitsuhiro (Albemarle).

Simon Moores, Managing Director said:

“Will’s new role is to work with Benchmark Minerals’ portfolio of clients – and new customers from across the lithium ion battery supply chain – to maximise the use of our prices and market data in industry contracts.

“Increased usage of our IOSCO-compliant lithium prices, as well as other battery raw material price assessments, has been a pleasure to see after years of focused, hard work by the Benchmark Minerals team.

“Our lithium prices are the industry’s de facto datasets and the formalisation of these in contracts has been a focus for the last two years. Will’s focus is on working with the industry to facilitate further use of these independent assessments in contracts.

“With an abundance of misleading, inaccurate and imprecise free lithium prices available to consumers, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our highly specialised lithium price assessments that customers pay for and licence in contracts.

“Will is on-hand to specialise in this side of the business and work in tandem with our consultancy and strategy divisions to help bring the industry into a new era of electrification.

“It’s a pleasure to have someone with Will’s hunger and energy on board, traits that reflect our world-class team here at Benchmark Minerals.”

Will Plunkett, Senior Account Manager said:

“I’m excited to join the market leader for analysis and price assessments such as lithium and to be entering the lithium ion battery industry.

“From my previous roles, it was clear that Benchmark Minerals was the number one price reporting agency (PRA) and intelligence provider in the space and is widely used by the market.

“A major decision to join Benchmark Minerals was the innovative way that the company approaches the publication of high value data, especially market prices of the key battery raw materials.

“The hands-on approach from everyone within the company ensures that the entire operation is customer-focused at all times – and that is an exciting prospect for my new sales role.

“I’m looking forward to working within this innovative and responsive team in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle and energy storage supply chains.”

You can contact Will Plunkett on [email protected].

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Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (Benchmark Minerals) is the world’s leading voice and most trusted provider of prices, data and advisory services in the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle (EV) supply chain.

Benchmark Minerals, a price reporting agency (PRA), is globally known for setting the IOSCO-compliant, lithium reference price which is relied upon to negotiate contracts between lithium extraction operators, cathode manufacturers, battery cell producers and automotive OEMs.

The company also produces regular price assessments on cobalt chemicals and graphite anode and also tracks lithium ion battery megafactory capacity build out.

Benchmark Minerals also provides Forecasting & Consultancy services that are relied upon by a wide range of customers, from governments, electronics manufacturers, EV makers, battery cell producers, and mining companies.

Premium Quarterly Forecast reports are provided for the lithium, cobalt and graphite industries, including cost curves and a fully linked supply and demand model allowing easy scenario analysis.

Our single-client advisory services provide actionable and implementable recommendations in the form of supply chain workshops, lenders market reports and input to feasibility studies.

To complement its publishing activities, the company has created the industry’s leading platform to discuss the subject – The Benchmark World Tour.

Benchmark Minerals also hosts an industry gathering for the lithium ion supply chain in Q4 of each year. Benchmark Minerals Week consists of two main conferences, Graphite & Anodes and Cathodes, and is the world’s meeting place to negotiate deals and network.

Benchmark Minerals’ data, insight, and understanding of the subject is unrivalled, as witnessed by repeat testimony to the US Senate in 2017 and 2019. In addition, Benchmark Minerals has been invited to give guest lectures at the University of Oxford, Stanford University, and the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

The EV and battery cell supply chain is the sole focus and speciality of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.


Our team of expert analysts collect market data to mineral-specific, IOSCO-compliant methodologies in order to assess prices for lithium.

Our specialist focus on the lithium ion battery supply chain and unrivalled network of industry contacts make Benchmark Minerals’ Lithium Price Assessment the world’s most trusted source of lithium price data, regularly referenced in negotiations and increasingly used in supply chain contracts.

Benchmark Minerals publishes 6 lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), 4 lithium hydroxide (LiOH) and 1 spodumene concentrate price.

In addition, Benchmark derives global average prices for both lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide as well as a lithium chemical index, weighted by volumes traded on the market.


  • Benchmark Minerals’ lithium prices cover over 90% of global transactions
  • Our lithium price data is received by over 80% of producers and 55% of consumers worldwide
  • We have an unparalleled network of over 200 lithium price provider contacts across the lithium supply chain and is the most respected price provider in the market
  • Benchmark Minerals’ specialist focus means we can provide unrivalled insight into global pricing trends

Interested in Benchmark Mineral’s lithium prices? Click here to learn more and to get a free sample of our prices and analysis now. 

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