Rise of Europe’s battery megafactories, On-demand lithium ion cells, & forecasting cathode / anode demand

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is pleased to confirm the following Benchmark analyst presentations for Battery Megafactories Europe 2020, 17-18 June 2020, at The Westin Grand in Berlin.

The conference is a new initiative focused on the commercial scaling of super-sized lithium ion battery cell plants on the European continent and the … Read more

EV battery arms race enters new gear with 115 megafactories, Europe sees most rapid growth

  • Benchmark launches Battery Megafactories Europe 2020 Conference, 17-18 June 2020, Berlin, Germany
  • Europe’s planned lithium ion cell battery capacity surges in 2019 to 348GWh
  • China continues to dominate adding 564GWh by 2028
  • Total lithium ion battery capacity in pipeline equals 39m EVs by 2029

The world has entered a new … Read more

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence briefs The White House on creating a powerhouse US electric vehicle industry 

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (Benchmark Minerals) has briefed The White House on developing a domestic electric vehicle (EV) industry and supply chain for the 21st Century.

While details of the discussion cannot be disclosed, Benchmark Minerals can release the following slides from the briefing which took place on Wednesday 30 October … Read more