Benchmark Minerals addresses Zero Emission Vehicle Summit

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s Head of Forecasting, Andy Leyland, addressed the world’s first international Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in Birmingham yesterday.

The summit, hosted by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, brought together policy makers, leading electric vehicle manufacturers and lithium ion battery companies, thought leaders and academics.

It was also an opportunity for the UK to announce £106 million in funding for research and development into new batteries and electric vehicle technology, to be coupled with over £500 million in commitments from industry.

The event saw a reaffirmation of government support for zero emission vehicles with the signing of a declaration to commit to an acceleration of the roll out of zero emission vehicles and supporting infrastructure. The “Birmingham Declaration” was signed by eleven nations, including the UK, Italy, France, Denmark, Portugal and Indonesia.

Addressing the issue of sustainability in lithium ion battery supply chains Andy Leyland discussed the importance and impact of recycling and repurposing of these batteries. Along with the need for continued investment in extractive industries to ensure raw material supply does not become a bottleneck for change.

The session also discussed the social and moral responsibility industry and governments face when sourcing both primary raw materials, and in providing a responsible framework for end-of-life lithium ion batteries and electric vehicles.

The summit itself will help provide confidence for businesses looking to invest in the supply chain that governments are fully committed to increasing the number of electric cars on our streets.

To date over $150 billion dollars has been committed to growing electric vehicle supply chains. Money that is leading to a transformation for the lithium, nickel, cobalt and natural flake graphite mining industries.

Cathodes 2018: Join the lithium ion supply chain

Benchmark’s centre-piece event to the year, Cathodes 2018, will take place from 23-24 October 2018, Newport Beach, CA, USA.

We will have keynote speeches from Albemarle’s entire management team to discuss lithium’s journey from brine into a lithium ion battery.

We also have BYD’s Vice President, Michael Austin, as our Guest of Honour in addition to Umicore and many other talks from the lithium, nickel and cobalt battery supply chains.

It is a must attend for anyone in the industry.

Join us here.

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