Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Strategy

Understanding where and how to play in the supply chain

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has evolved its consultancy business to offer Supply Chain Playbook Strategies for active participants in the lithium ion battery to electric vehicle (EV) supply chain.
These are bespoke solutions for your entire supply chain strategy needs in the following Workstreams:

Workstream 1

  • Procuring and managing specialty chemicals vs. traditional commodities
  • Understanding battery supply chain and risk mitigation options

Workstream 2

  • Localisation and geopolitics of raw material supply, and the shift of labor demand

Workstream 3

  • Optimisation of battery raw material purchasing strategy

Workstream 4

  • Most effective return on capital investments in the battery supply chain

Who is this service designed for?

Automotive OEMs

  • How does the battery supply chain differ from the traditional automotive supply chain?
  • How can we mitigate supply risk in the battery supply chain?
  • How can we incentivise further vertical integration and localisation?
  • What are the prevailing commercial structures for procuring battery materials?
  • Where can we make direct investments to secure our long-term supplies?


  • What are the key trends shaping the future of the battery industry?
  • How do procurement and investment arrangements work between each player in the supply chain?
  • How can we attract investment from battery supply chain players in our jurisdiction?
  • What skills do we need to develop in our local labour force to incentivise supply chain investment in our jurisdiction?
  • What is the production costs breakdown for key battery raw materials, and what value can we capture through localisation?

Battery Materials Producers

  • Who is set to capture to ultimate value in the supply chain?
  • How can we mitigate supply risk in the battery supply chain?
  • Which jurisdictions should we consider for further upstream or downstream investments?
  • How do we best prepare for the rigorous OEM and battery-makers’ qualification processes?

How do we deliver?

In person. Benchmark Minerals will mobilise its most senior and relevant analysts to deliver your playbook. Each engagement includes support for 12-months after the original workshop including quarterly calls with Benchmark Minerals and an in-person follow up after one-year. As the world’s leading experts, Benchmark Minerals is committed to developing long term relationships and a community for the 21 st century lithium ion to EV supply chain.

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