What is ESG?

Having emerged out of the investor space, ESG (environment, social and governance) is a tool for companies to monitor and report on their sustainability performance. Good ESG practices and disclosure ensure the conduct of an organisation does not jeopardise future generation’s access to resources and operates with social license.

The lithium-ion battery supply chain is set to play a fundamental role in the road to electrification and the green revolution. As a result, all stages of the supply chain are coming into the global spotlight and sustainability credentials are increasingly coming under scrutiny.

It has become essential for companies to understand their company ESG credentials to monitor risk and communicate with stakeholders.

Although a voluntary process, investors now routinely analyse ESG performance alongside other financial and strategic information in order to gain a better understanding of a company’s prospects.

How can we help you?

Benchmark’s ESG Reports provide a framework for exploring and understanding discussions surrounding ESG within the lithium ion battery supply chain. These reports provide an independent assessment on how each critical mineral is performing on key environmental, social and governance metrics in order to strive towards a cleaner energy transition.

Benchmark aims to catapult the lithium industry forwards by promoting accurate and trustworthy sustainability reporting that will ultimately benefit the multitude of stakeholders associated with the EV value and supply chains.