Tuesday 1st June - Friday 4th June
Actionable Intelligence for the Battery & EV Supply Chain
2.5 Hours
8 AM (London)
Europe: Building a lithium ion economy
Andrew Leyland (Benchmark)Timothy Bush (UBS Equity Research)Michael Schmidt (DERA)Robin Macaskill (Wave International)Michael Insulan (First Cobalt)
1.5 Hours
2 PM (London)
The Future of Lithium Trading
Long term contracts, exchanges and real world prices: Benchmark's take on the future of lithium pricing and trading
Roger Atkins (Electric Vehicles Outlook)Simon Moores (Benchmark)Caspar Rawles (Benchmark)
1.5 Hours
4 PM (London)
Graphite v Silicon
Competing or complementary?
Albert Li (Benchmark)Vincent Pluvinage (OneD Material Inc)Mark Thompson (Talga)Vincent Chevrier, PhD (TRION Battery Technologies Inc)
1 Hours
6 PM (London)
Next Generation Refining
New Processing innovation for battery raw materials & chemicals
Mark Beveridge (Benchmark)Jim Lennon (Red Door Research)Prof. Jason Hein (Standard Lithium)Nico Cuevas (Urbix Inc)
1.5 Hours
8 PM (London)
Money and Power
The story of batteries, electric vehicles and funding an energy storage revolution
Roger Atkins (Electric Vehicles Outlook)Ross Gerber (Gerber Kawasaki)Steve LeVine (Medium)Vivas Kumar (Benchmark)
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