World Tour 2018

icon.png Benchmark World Tour 2018

World Tour 2018 has now finished. It will return in 2019
Lithium ion | Solid State | Vanadium flow


Benchmark | World Tour 2018
Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain | Investment Seminars
April-October 2018

The industry’s leading seminars on the battery supply chain, for free.


  • The lithium-ion megafactories are here: where will capacity be located
  • The automakers show their hand: VW, Tesla, Daimler, GM – what does this mean for raw material demand
  • Stationary/utility storage: technology developments and where the market is heading
  • Cathode: market technology evolution toward higher nickel formulations and the potential raw material impacts
  • Cobalt: key differences between chemical and metal markets, how will the supply/demand balance be impacted with new projects
  • Nickel: when will battery demand make a difference
  • Graphite: natural versus synthetic debate rages on

Benchmark World Tour 2018 | Hear our independent expert analysis on the future of the energy storage industry, for free

As the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence World Tour enters its fourth year the industry is gearing up for the era of mass adoption of EVs. Automakers are looking to secure long term supply of the critical minerals for their electric future.

The seminars will focus on the capability of the industry to grow to meet this rising demand, including how raw material supply chains are adapting to the new market pressures, and how they need to further evolve for the future.

Last year the tour presented to over 1200 delegates with largely sold out crowds. Demand is set to be even greater this year so sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out on hearing from leading independent experts on the battery supply chain.

Host Partners



Ian Pringle

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, Battery Mineral Resources Ltd

Robert Mintak

CEO, Standard Lithium

Steve Promnitz

Managing Director, Lake Resources NL

Trent Mell

President & CEO, First Cobalt

Patrick Highsmith

CEO, Pure Energy Minerals

Chris Reed


Dan Blondal

CEO, Nano One Materials

David Archer

CEO, Savannah Resources

Tim Johnston

President and CEO, Desert Lion Energy

Guy Bourassa


Eric Desaulniers

President & CEO, Nouveau Monde Graphite

Carlos Vicens

CFO, Neo Lithium

Gary Lewis


Ken Brinsden

CEO & Managing Director, Pilbara Minerals

Vincent Algar

Managing Director, Australian Vanadium

Brendan Borg

Managing Director, Celcius Resources

Bernard Rowe

Managing Director, Global Geoscience

Robin Goad

President and CEO, Fortune Minerals

Stephen Biggins

Managing Director, Core Exploration

David Flanagan

Managing Director, Battery Minerals Ltd

Michael Rosenstreich

Managing Director, Hexagon Resources

Keith Phillips

President & CEO, Piedmont Lithium

Dale Henderson

Chief Operating Officer, Pilbara Minerals