Benchmark World Tour 2018

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo | Friday September 14th 2018
City 12 of 15
Venue: Park Hyatt Tokyo, 3-7-1-2, Nishishinjuku, Tokyo 163-1055, Japan

The Benchmark World Tour is an annual series of investment seminars on the lithium ion battery supply chain and is in its fourth year.

This year the seminar will focus on lithium ion batteries versus solid state and vanadium flow and the impact this can have on the supply chain.

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12:00 Registration
12:30 Lunch is served

Keynote 1:

12:35 What can compete with lithium ion batteries in EVs and Energy Storage and by when?
  • Lithium ion batteries: state of play – production, capacity build out, and market forecast
  • EVs: Introducing Solid State Batteries
  • Energy Storage: Lithium ion versus vanadium flow
Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

20-minute presentation

Keynote 2:

12:55 The battery and EV supply chain perspective from an Auto major
Kazuhiro Araki, Assistant Chief Engineer, Honda R&D

20-minute presentation, 5-minute direct Q&A with keynote

Company Presentations:

13:20 Neometals – Michael Tamlin, COO
13:35 Lake Resources NL – Steve Promnitz, Managing Director
13:50 Standard Lithium – Robert Mintak, CEO
14:05 Cobalt 27 – Martin Vydra, Head of Strategy
14:20 First Cobalt – Trent Mell, President & CEO
14:35 Q&A with company speakers

Keynote 3:

14:50 Cobalt & Cathodes: How are cathode materials evolving to deal with the cobalt conundrum?
  • Cutting through the misinformation: The real future for cobalt in lithium ion battery cathodes
  • Global state of play: how the world is becoming more reliant on DRC not less
  • Tesla’s significant reductions in cobalt explained – has NCA reached its limit?
  • Cathode trends: how bumpy is the path to NCM 811?
Caspar Rawles, Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

20-minute presentation

15:10 Finish



Robert Mintak

CEO, Standard Lithium

Martin Vydra

Martin Vydra, Cobalt 27

Mike Tamlin

COO, Neometals

Steve Promnitz

Managing Director, Lake Resources NL

Trent Mell

President & CEO, First Cobalt