Benchmark World Tour 2018

Toronto, Canada


Toronto | Wednesday May 9th 2018 The National Club, 303 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H 2R1, Canada


09:30 Registration
09:45 Chaiirman’s opening comments David Talbot, Director, Metals and Mining Research, Eight Capital (Canada)

Keynotes: One

10:00 to 1050 1000: Benchmark’s new lithium, graphite, cobalt and lithium ion battery forecasts out to 2025
  • Raw Materials Forecasts – base case to 2025
  • Benchmark’s lithium reference price – latest trends and future expectations
  • Cobalt and graphite anode prices and projections
  • What battery raw material is next one to watch?
Andy Leyland, Head of Forecasting, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence In 2018, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence launched its new forecasting and consultancy division that specialises in lithium ion and solid state battery raw materials. The division is headed up by Andy Leyland who was previously a director at Wood Mackenzie and has a long career in forecasting speciality and base metals.   1025 Building Lithium Hydroxide & Carbonate Supply Security for North America • Lithium Hydroxide & Carbonate Progress Report in Quebec • The role of SoftBank’s investment and what it means for lithium • Northvolt’s investment and what it means for the battery industry • The next 18 months for Nemaska and the global lithium industry Guy Bourassa, President & CEO, Nemaska Lithium (Canada) Nemaska Lithium is one of the world’s leading lithium companies that is next in line for production of key battery grades of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate. Nemaska is building a fully integrated mine and chemical plant in Quebec and has struck recent major deals with Japan’s SoftBank and Sweden’s Northvolt that set the tone for the industry.

Industry Presentations:

10:50 Standard Lithium – Robert Mintak, CEO & Director (Canada)
1105 First Cobalt – Trent Mell, President & CEO (Canada)
11:20 Lake Resources – Steve Promnitz, Managing Director (Australia)
11:35 Nouveau Monde – Eric Desaulniers, President & CEO (Canada)
11:50 Q&A / Lunch & Networking

Keynotes: Two

12:30 Lithium ion and alternative battery technologies and their supply chains
  • Lithium ion batteries: state of play – production, capacity build out, and market forecast
  • EVs: Introducing Solid State Batteries
  • Energy Storage: Lithium ion versus vanadium flow
Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (UK) Benchmark is the world’s leading market price data and supply chain intel provider focused on lithium ion and solid-state battery supply chains. Benchmark sets the monthly lithium reference price that is published by Bloomberg, testified to US Senate in 2017 and is widely quoted in global media.

Industry Presentations

13:00 Neo Lithium – Carlos Vicens, CFO (Canada)
13:15 Battery Mineral Resources – Ian Pringle, Technical Director (Australia)
13:30 LSC Lithium – Ian Stalker, President & CEO (Canada)
13:45 Electric vehicles start with nickel and cobalt • Nickel and cobalt supply pipeline update • Views on the lithium ion battery demand wave for nickel and cobalt • Sherritt’s global mining position now and into the futureAndrew Snowden, CFO, Sherritt International (Canada)



Ian Pringle
Executive Chairman, Battery Mineral Resources Ltd
Robert Mintak
CEO, Standard Lithium
Steve Promnitz
Managing Director, Lake Resources NL
Trent Mell
President & CEO, First Cobalt
Guy Bourassa
Eric Desaulniers
President & CEO, Nouveau Monde Graphite
Carlos Vicens
CFO, Neo Lithium