Exchange traded lithium: What are Benchmark Minerals’ key points for the LME?

A new way to trade lithium is under discussion.

As part of the London Metal Exchange’s (LME) bid to launch a lithium cash-settled contract, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has been shortlisted in the final three participants to provide an independent lithium market price.

Benchmark Minerals’ Andy Miller, Senior Analyst, and Simon Moores, Managing Director, were invited to LME Week 2018 to present.

The video of Benchmark Minerals’ lithium presentation to the London Metal Exchange has over double the views of the nearest talk.

Lithium has come a long way since 2006 when Benchmark’s Managing Director, Simon Moores, started in the industry. Yet the discussion is just beginning.

And compared with 2014, when Benchmark Mineral Intelligence was formed to create the lithium industry’s reference price, lithium’s landscape in 2018 is almost unrecognisable.

With regards to the London Metal Exchange’s bid to launch a new cash-settled lithium contract, there are a number of key points to take away from Benchmark Minerals’ vision. These are:

1. Benchmark represents the interests of the lithium to EV supply chain here.

2. We are here to advise / explore new ways to trade lithium and get the views of the active players in the supply chain – whether this be advising on contracts, exchanges or other methods.

3. Our proposal is a partnership with the LME using Benchmark Minerals’ Lithium Industry Reference Price – working with a team that knows the lithium and battery industry.

It is critical the people collecting the price data know the industry and put the effort in to do so. Benchmark Minerals is the only company that fits this bill. In 2018, the Benchmark team has visited over 15 lithium operations around the world.

We are also the only publishing company that collects its lithium prices directly from the widest range of active participants in the lithium to EV supply chain. Unlike other publishers, our approach is a data driven one rather than a journalistic method.

Benchmark's Lithium Prices on the Bloomberg Terminal. We also provide data to Thomson Reuters and one other major commodity data provider.
Benchmark’s Lithium Prices on the Bloomberg Terminal. We also provide data to Thomson Reuters and one other major commodity data provider.

4. Since 2006 when Benchmark’s Managing Director, Simon Moores, entered the industry it has been gripping to watch lithium’s evolution, and since 2014 when Benchmark Minerals was formed, the team has really led the world in being the independent voice of the supply chain.

Benchmark Minerals has  more than doubled the size of its team in the last 12 months and continue to hire.



Benchmark Mineral Intelligence sets the lithium industry’s reference price in its monthly subscription service, Lithium Price Assessments (Request Free Trial Here).

This service provides independent prices assessed to a lithium specific methodology – an industry first – and is done so by analysts that understand the lithium market.

These lithium prices are used by major actors in the supply chain to discuss and negotiate lithium contracts.

Our suite of price assessments and market intelligence services includes:

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