Lithium Price Assessments

lithium prices Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is the leading price reporting agency (PRA) for raw materials used in lithium ion batteries, electric vehicles and energy storage.

Our team of expert analysts collect market data to mineral-specific, IOSCO-compliant methodologies in order to assess prices for lithium. Our specialist focus on the lithium ion battery supply chain and unrivalled network of industry contacts make Benchmark Minerals’ Lithium Price Assessment the world’s most trusted source of lithium price data, regularly referenced in negotiations and increasingly used in supply chain contracts. Benchmark Minerals publishes 6 lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), 4 lithium hydroxide (LiOH) and 1 spodumene concentrate price. In addition, Benchmark derives global average prices for both lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide as well as a lithium chemical index, weighted by volumes traded on the market.

Lithium price trends

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Why Benchmark Minerals’ Lithium Prices?

  • Benchmark Minerals’ lithium prices cover over 90% of global transactions
  • Our lithium price data is received by over 80% of producers and 55% of consumers worldwide
  • We have an unparalleled network of over 200 lithium price provider contacts across the lithium supply chain and is the most respected price provider in the market
  • Benchmark Minerals’ specialist focus means we can provide unrivalled insight into global pricing trends

How do we assess Lithium Prices?

Benchmark Minerals’ lithium prices are collected directly from active market participants, by a team of expert industry analysts following a robust, market-specific, IOSCO-compliant price assessment process:
  • Transactional data is collected from active market participants
  • Data points are analysed and normalised to grade specifications
  • Weightings are assigned in favour of confirmed trades
  • Prices are reviewed in monthly team meetings
  • A process of editorial judgement is followed
  • It is crucial our analysts know the lithium industry to accurately assess prices – we use an analytical/data focused approach, not a journalistic one
    • Benchmark regularly monitors the integrity of its price providers
    • Source tests and comparative metrics used to assess validity

What do Lithium Price Assessment subscribers receive?

  • Six lithium carbonate, four lithium hydroxide and one spodumene price updated monthly.
  • Access to Benchmark Minerals’ online lithium price database
  • Customise your data sets with our price charting tool
  • A monthly price assessment PDF with market analysis covering supply, demand, price changes and trends
lithium price assessments


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