Rise of Europe’s battery megafactories, On-demand lithium ion cells, & forecasting cathode / anode demand

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is pleased to confirm the following Benchmark analyst presentations for Battery Megafactories Europe 2020, 17-18 June 2020, at The Westin Grand in Berlin.

The conference is a new initiative focused on the commercial scaling of super-sized lithium ion battery cell plants on the European continent and the localisation of the supply chains that feed them. (Join Benchmark’s Battery Megafactories Europe 2020 here.)

The following presentations will be made by Benchmark’s analysts:

Rise of the battery megafactories in Europe

Speaker: Simon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Session 1: Battery Megafactories Europe Keynotes on Wednesday 17 June 2020

  • How many lithium ion battery cell plants are in the pipeline?

What lithium ion battery plants are operational and how many are under construction or just at the planning stage out to 2030

  • How Europe’s battery cell pipeline compares to North America and China

A focus on the strategy of Asia-based cell manufacturers to build capacity in new regions including Europe and the US. Where does this leave domestic European and North American battery makers and is this really an big issue?

  • Does the battery cell pipeline align with electric vehicle demand?

An analysis on tier one, two and three lithium ion battery supply and whether there is enough to fuel Europe’s EV ambitions

On-demand lithium ion batteries: the need to respond to the holy grail of automotive OEM’s needs

Speaker: Vivas Kumar, Principal, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Session 2: Changing Automotive Requirements in Europe on Wednesday 17 June 2020

  • As electric vehicle makers begin to compete on product specifications, the battery will be an obvious place to drive differentiation – but how will this evolve?
  • Usage based on customer profiling will begin to dictate battery specification, chemistry and performance criteria
  • Major shifts needed in manufacturing, supply chain, and materials engineering to reach this new reality, European innovation for traditional manufacturing methods could hold the key

Cathode and Anodes: Forecasting Europe’s demand to 2030 and the implications on raw material supply

Speaker: Caspar Rawles, Head of Price Assessments, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Session 3: Localising cathode, anode and raw material supply on Wednesday 17 June 2020

  • Cathode and anode volumes and capacity within Europe out to 2030: Does it align with battery cell demand?
  • How are the cathode chemistry trends changing on the continent: new trends versus existing capacities in Asia
  • What are the implications for raw material demand of lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel and manganese?

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